Arches National Park Geology Tour
Arches National Park Geology Tour
This unique multimedia publication includes an illustrated book and an enhanced audio CD with the author’s narration to play in your car as you tour the park and a CD-ROM you can experience from your computer.

ISBN: 978-1-58256-054-0


Single User license only.

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Author gives a lecture at the Moab Information Center on Arches National Park Geology

You will Learn:

  • how the arches formed
  • the geologic history of the Colorado Plateau
  • how forces and processes shaped the geology of the park
  • what is a stratigraphic column and how it relates to a geologic map
  • geologic terms in context

Features Include:

  • illustrations, animations, and photos by Dennis Tasa
  • written and narrated by geologist Deborah Ragland, Ph.D. of the University of New Mexico, Taos
  • an extensive description of the geology of the park
  • illustrations, animations, and photographs of the geology of the park
  • a National Park Service map with points of interest that link to photos in the Tour View
  • a geologic map and stratigraphic column for the park
  • completely self-contained, no internet connection required
  • pick and choose topics of interest and locations from drop-down lists

For all ages

Also available as an iOS app and a digital book on iBooks.

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
Windows XP, Vista, 7 or later

Fred Lutgens - Professor Emeritus

“The photography, diagrams, maps and charts are excellent…the text material…is easy to follow and understand. Not overly technical—it’s at a good level for an interested traveler.”