Discovering Plate Tectonics
Discovering Plate Tectonics
Ocean floor exploration led to the discovery of the plate tectonics theory. The motion of Earth’s lithospheric plates cause the movement of the continents and ocean basins.
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You will Learn:

  • Earth’s patchwork of lithospheric plates
  • the features of the ocean floor
  • how to plot echo sounder data to determine the elevation of the ocean floor
  • the major plates and see how their positions have changed over the last 200 million years
  • three types of plate boundaries
  • the dynamic forces that produce earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountains

Features Include:

  • photos, illustrations, and animations by Dennis Tasa and others
  • an intuitive navigation style: swipe or use arrows, drop-down menu, page thumbnails
  • info popups with additional detailed information and image credits
  • thought-provoking notebook questions relating to material found on the page that may be shared
  • interactive quizzes that are scored and may be copied, printed, or shared
  • a fun puzzle of Earth’s major plates

Grade levels:

  • 7–13
System Requirements
iPad, iOS 10.3 or later
Correlates to Next Generation Science Standards for Earth Science:
  • ESS1.C The History of Planet Earth
  • ESS2.A Earth Materials and Systems
  • ESS2.B Plate Tectonics and Large-Scale System Interactions
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