Probing Earth’s Interior
Probing Earth’s Interior
Learn how the layered structure of Earth’s interior is key to understanding geologic processes that change Earth’s surface.
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You will Learn:

  • the physical attributes of each of Earth’s layers
  • the properties of each layer which are described and illustrated with drawings and animations
  • scientific measurements of seismic waves
  • how the motion of tectonic plates is driven by convection in the interior of our planet

Features Include:

  • photos, illustrations, and animations by Dennis Tasa and others
  • an intuitive navigation style: swipe or use arrows, drop-down menu, page thumbnails
  • info popups with additional detailed information and image credits
  • thought-provoking notebook questions relating to material found on the page that may be shared
  • interactive quizzes that are scored and may be copied, printed, or shared
  • a fun puzzle of Earth’s layers

Grade levels:

  • 7–13
System Requirements
iPad, iOS 10.3 or later