geotimescale enhanced
geotimescale enhanced
Represents the timeline of Earth’s geologic history and includes illustrations and information for significant events. Enhanced with artistic impressions of life on Earth over time. Includes the names of the eons, eras, periods, epochs, and ages along with their corresponding dates.
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You will Learn:

  • the names of the eons, eras, periods, epochs, and ages
  • when various forms of life first appeared on Earth
  • significant geologic events in Earth’s history

Features Include:

  • illustrations by Dennis Tasa that provide an artistic impression of how Earth may have appeared and how life may have evolved over time
  • a quick reference for students, educators, professional geologists, or anyone interested in geology
  • two views: with and without ages
  • a glossary of terms
  • no internet connection required; ideal for field use

Grade levels:

  • 7–13
System Requirements
iPhone or iPad, iOS 8.4 or later
Kindle Fire or later

Jennifer Bogart - Apps For Homeschooling

“…a solidly built app with color coding and memorable illustrations for the major geologic time periods…students studying geology…will find it to be an easy to use reference chart…”
Correlates to Next Generation Science Standards for Earth Science:
  • ESS1.C: The History of Planet Earth
  • ESS2.E: Biogeology
  • LS2.C: Ecosystem Dynamics, Functioning, and Resilience
Supports Common Core Literacy in Science Standards:
  • CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RST.9-10.1,4,7
  • CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RST.11-12.1,4,7
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