Plate Tectonics and How the Earth Works
Plate Tectonics and How the Earth Works
Aids advanced students in the geological sciences in visualizing and learning about processes within Earth and how these processes are related to plate tectonics.

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You will Learn:

  • the origin and evolution of continents and the early history of the Earth
  • Earth’s crust, mantle, and core
  • how Earth systems interact with each other
  • hotspots, mantle plumes, seismic discontinuities in the mantle
  • plate reconstructions in the past and supercontinent cycles
  • major tectonic settings on Earth
  • crustal and mantle evolution

Features Include:

  • written by Kent C. Condie, Ph.D. and illustrated by Dennis Tasa
  • extensive use of animations to enhance understanding
  • interactive diagrams and color photos
  • challenging quiz questions at the end of each of chapter test understanding

Grade levels:

  • college
System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10; QuickTime is required.

Chris Higgins and Jeff Tolhurst - California Geology

“…The greatest strength…is its excellent graphic display of the dynamics of the earth’s processes and features. Emphasis is on visualization through color maps, diagrams, graphs and photographs.…”