Provided by Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc.

Introduction To Topographic Map Activities
Draw Your Own Topographic Map
Regular Level: 7th - 9th grade

These activities were created as supplemental material for the Introduction to Topographic Maps CD-ROM.

  • Create your own topographic maps.

  • One piece of paper
  • Pencil
  • Map pencils
  • Ruler
  • Introduction to Topographic Maps CD-ROM by Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc.

Follow instructions on the activity sheet and create a topographic map of a specific elevation and climate. Be sure to add compass rose and include a scale and key for the map. REMEMBER: Use pencil for the map, and use correct map pencil colors on the map, for example, water should be blue, contour lines brown, buildings black, and grass green. Return to the Introduction to Topographic Maps CD-ROM and review the rules for using contour lines under the title "Principles of Contour Lines." You may also want to review "Drawing a Contour Map."
1. Mark off an area 6 inches long and four inches wide on a piece of paper.

2. Indicate directions of map with a compass rose in the lower right-hand corner.

3. Let one-inch equal two miles. Indicate the scale in the lower left corner.

4. Make a key for the map.

5. Indicate a twenty-foot contour interval below the scale.

6. Begin the elevation at 60 feet.

7. Indicate the following features on the map:
a. Two hilltops with both tops over 250 feet in elevation

b. A railroad running east and west

c. Three ponds or lakes

d. A stream coming from the top of one hill joining one of the lakes

e. Two schools, six miles apart

f. A four-mile trail leading from a school to a church

g. An index contour line on every fifth line


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