Earth’s Atmosphere and Its Seasons Student Worksheets

These student worksheets are available for use in your classroom. They are designed to accompany Earth’s Atmosphere and Its Seasons. There is one worksheet for each section of the program.

The Importance of Weather Solar Radiation
Weather and Climate What Happens to Incoming Solar Radiation?
Composition of the Atmosphere The Greenhouse Effect
Understanding Seasons In the Lab: The Influence of Color on Albedo
Earth-Sun Relationships Basic Temperature Data
In the Lab: Sun Angle and the Seasons Controls of Temperature

Jack Erickson and Sylvia Lewandowski at Cienega High School in Vail, AZ created a great set of notes/worksheets for their students to use as they go through Earth’s Atmosphere and Its Seasons version 1.1 CD-ROM. Just click on the link to open the pdf on our web site. You may print them for use in your classroom.